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    Post  Testabar on Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:46 am

    If you live zombie slaying as much as I do, play this awesome game!

    The one feature I love is online play. You can play as the infected. You have zombies, hunters, boomers, witches, tanks, and smokers. as the infected. The zombies in this game run, and run fast. but they can be easily killed. Hunters are the cats of the game. they can move from roof top and attack from when you least expect. Boomers are fat zombies, they puke up a mixture that attracts all the other zombies to you. Witches are by far the most feared enemy. one hit will kill you instantly. Light spooks them into attacking and they often hit in dark rooms, and they will attack everything, including there own kind. Tanks are exactly as they sound. Picture a rino sized juggernaut coming at you at full speed. and two hits will kill you. Smokers have the amazing ability to use there tongues to grasp the player and take them away and slack the living day lights out of them.

    In on-line play you can play as the infected. It's epic to play the other half. You control legion of the undead, and attack along side them.

    I bought the game and I'm in love!

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