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    Substitution Encryption Algorithms [VB.NET]


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    Substitution Encryption Algorithms [VB.NET] Empty Substitution Encryption Algorithms [VB.NET]

    Post  Cats777 on Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:12 pm

    It's only been a month in my VB.NET course and I've already made a full-fledged program from scratch. This program uses a few selectable substitution ciphers I learned in my cryptography course to encrypt a message. It's meant to be one of my demonstrations for my VB.NET course, but I got started on it a bit early(I started 2 weeks after the first day of class). I implemented every sort of error checking possible, so there should be little to no errors at all.

    Ciphers included:
    Caesar Cipher
    Simple Cipher w/ Key
    Numeric Simple Cipher
    Odd/Even Substitution Cipher
    Vigenere Cipher

    Substitution Encryption Algorithms [VB.NET] Subscreen1

    Substitution Ciphers 1.0

    Future versions may include some more ciphers and decryption for all ciphers.

    Some notes:

    • Translation and multiplication factors can be negative or positive.
    • Multiplication factor can only be odd. (program checks for this)
    • Keyword for Simple Cipher w/ Key can't have repeating letters. (program checks for this)
    • There is no checking for foreign accented letters such as "". They are considered letters, but since they're not English letters, they will disappear in the ciphertext.
    • None of the ciphers in this program are considered secure. If the ciphertext message is long enough, it can be deciphered using analytical means(frequency distribution table and/or Kasiski method for Vigenere cipher).

    I can't post the source code right now, as it would possibly jeopardize my demo. I can tell you that the main form has about 380 lines of code(optimized from over 500!).
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    Substitution Encryption Algorithms [VB.NET] Empty Re: Substitution Encryption Algorithms [VB.NET]

    Post  Heero Yuy on Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:31 pm

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